A message from our Programme Director

Dean Roberts

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Welcome to RegentsX Online Tuition centre. Our aim is to support students who will benefit from having their own online tutor to ensure success in improving their English or for studying UK A levels.

We offer three Tuition Packages

Our Standard Package is 10 hours, based on one or two hours per week tuition. You can extend this to 20 hours or up to 50 hours. If you choose 30 hours or more, we can offer you a 5% to 10% discount.

Our Tailormade Package will be designed in consultation with you and is fully flexible to meet the needs of your particular requirements for improving your English

Our Group Package brings together students from a similar set of circumstanes who wish to engage with other learners in a small group virtual classroom setting.

We also specialise in Advanced Level for International A level programmes of study. Our A Leval team are all experienced in a wide range of internarional curricula. We are very pleased to take enquiries from students and parents for other programmes – for example, IGCSE, Lower Secondary subjects, Primary school education.

As Programme Director, I lead our team of senior, expert, experienced Tutors and Principal Examiners for A Level. Our Principals are all based in the United Kingdom and each is a subject specialist and expert in their field with many years’ experience at Advanced Level. All of our Principal Examiners have published teaching books which are in use globally in classrooms in international schools and in schools in England and Wales.

We hope to bring our combined expertise, experience, and energy to ensure success, and we very much look forward to working with you. When a student signs up for a study package with us, we build up an ongoing relationship, a support service, and of course, we monitor very carefully the aptitude and performance of all of our tutors.

Dean Roberts