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Business English

RegentsX is pleased to provide Business English for Adult learners.  Or you may be a professional, working in a business or corporate environment. Perhaps you work in sales and buying, or import and export, and you and your clients regularly communicate in English. 

RegentsX can help you improve your English whatever your  work situation might be.  We can design a programme for you which focuses on how to manage meetings, and how to improve your negotiation skills. You can practise these scenarios by role-playing with your online tutor. 

We can help you with writing skills, such as how to write clear and concise emails, and how to write formal letters and reports. This tuition will have less face-to-face but more support from our tutor checking your writing and giving you detailed feedback. 


RegentsX has extensive experience in IGCSEs – in all subjects. We are experts in IGCSE English First and Second Language qualifications. Our team includes professionals who have set IGCSE exams, assessed thousands of students globally, and conducted IGCSE teacher training in more than 70 countries. Please contact the Programme Director for further infromation.

English for Parents

RegenstX speciaises in offering Online English tuition to international school parents who would like to improve their spoken and written English.

Our English tuition service to parents of students  invites friends and family also, and we offer discounts.

Academic English

You might need to improve your English for education – to support your study on a Bachelor degree programme which requires academic English. 

Or you might be completing a Masters Degree or a PhD. Our tutors can support you at any level of post-graduate education in preparing dissertations, research proposals, or academic work to be published.


Whether you are preparing for the General or Academic IELTS Test, RegentsX can help you improve your chances of success. We can assist you in focusing on just one component: for example, the Speaking Test, or all four components. Get in touch and we can design an IELTS programme that meets your needs.  

Blended Learning

RegentsX supports Blended learning. The Covid-19 experience has taught all educators to be open to a model of combining traditiional face-to-face learning with supported and directed Online learning. If you want part of the teaching to be at your home then please get in touch. Contact the Programme Director to discuss our Blended options.

Personal Support for School-age Learners

Your son or daughter may need extra help while studying at a Bilingual or International school. Perhaps there are areas of the curriculum that need strengthening? Our tutors are experienced in all school curricula and at all ages and levels. We can design a Tailormade programme for you: homework support, building confidence, online learning skills’ support. We meet your needs.

For further information contact RegentsX (Regent’s Online College)

Tel.: +66 (0)89 313 7777, Line: Line@regentsx, EMail: