A Level

RegentsX offers tuition in all international A Level exam boards including Cambridge Assessment International Education, Pearson Edexcel, and Oxford International AQA.

A Level

Regent’s have teamed up with UK Principal Examiners, who set and mark A level examinations, to create a fully online A level education.

Online classes are ideal for students who cannot attend school or who want extra help to boost their grades.

Tuition is divided into Tutor Packages of 10 Tutor Sessions (or lessons) per Package and each of these corresponds to a particular section of the A Level examination syllabus.

Finely Tuned Exam-Focused Tuition

Using the guided learning hours that A Level examination boards identify as a way to allocate time to the work required, the syllabus for each A level subject has been divided into Tuition Packages of 10 Tutoring Session each.

Each Tutoring Session is 1 hours long and includes assessments to be done as homework,and marked by the tutor prior to next lesson. Feedback will be given at the start of the next session.

RegentsX will provide students with online, branded resources endorsed by UK Principal A Level Examiners.

Students can take one, two or three A levels online with all tuition delivered by RegentsX

If you are not able to study A Levels at school RegentsX can provide all the tuition necessary for you to pass your exams.

A special, custom-made, package can be worked out depending on your needs and how much time you have to study.

Sample Tuition Package for Mathematics AS Level
Sample Tuition Package for Business Studies A Level

A Principal Examiner will usually have written the question paper and mark scheme. They are responsible for coordinating the marking of the assistant examiners and/or team leaders, as well as marking candidates’ scripts themselves. They have the best understanding of how students can optimise their performance and success.

Dr Julian Patterson

Dr Julian Pattison is our English Language and English Literature specialist. His professional work is focused on writing textbooks, teacher training and examining. He is a member of the Independent Schools Inspectorate, reporting on English, Drama, Ethos, and Community.

James Nicholson

James Nicholson currently an Honorary Fellow in Education at the University of Durham. He is also an experienced teacher, trainer and examiner and consulted on the new UK mathematics syllabus changes. James served as the Vice-President of the International Association for Statistics Education for 4 years and is the editor for the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics. James is a fellow of The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, and a fellow of The Royal Statistical Society.

Business Studies
Stefan Wytwyckyj

Stefan Wytwyckyj is working at the University of York as Programme Lead for Foundation Studies for international students, and as a lecturer in Business Studies. He combines this role with his work as a senior examiner. He also produces high calibre development modules, schemes of work and assessment plans for a range of education platforms.