Our Regular Tuition Prices

RegentsX Standard Tuition is divided into Packages of 10 Tutor Sessions (or lessons) per Package. Each package costs THB 9,000 for 10 lessons. This applies to all of our English language courses and also to our UK A level tuition.

Our Tailor Made Pricing

If your requirements differ from our standard 10 hours’ package, please contact the Programme Director to discuss options. We can provide tuition from 10 hours to any number of hours. Our discounted packages are for 30, 40 and 50 hours. 

If you would like more information about RegentsX you can speak to the Admissions Office directly on +44 (0)7719 240975 or +66 (0) 89 313 7777 or email info@regentsx.com. 

If you are an education agent, school or represent a media company please contact info@regentsx.com